Reserve a Room

  • Before reserving the room, please review our Meeting Room Policy 
  • The room is available without charge to the Friends of the Library, the Town of Simsbury, community non-profit organizations and groups. 
  • Businesses may use the room for training or seminars. A fee will be assessed to the business. See the Room Use & Fees for fee requirements for groups before making a reservation.  
  • When using the Room please observe the Rules of Behavior.
  • In no case shall any organization be permitted access to a room or equipment without prior approval. 
  • All activities and events must be free of charge, and donations, including suggested donations, may not be solicited.
  • Non-Library sponsored programs, excluding those of Town Departments, may not collect fees or sell items on the premises. 
  • Special accommodations may be requested 2 weeks prior to any event.